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Don't Settle For Lackluster Shingles

Turn to us for shingle installation services in Wichita Falls, Burkburnett, TX or Texoma

Are you tired of the low-quality shingles on your roof? Let our team lend a hand with shingle installation services. You can count on us at Armored Roofing to place high-quality shingles on your home in Wichita Falls, Burkburnett, TX or anywhere throughout Texoma.

Our shingles are affordable, durable and come in a wide selection of colors, shapes and styles. That way, you can easily find the right kind of shingle to match the rest of your roof. Set up shingle installation services today.

Make the switch to metal

Interested in upgrading your old asphalt shingle roof? It might be time to go with a metal roof instead. Our team can install a high-quality metal roof on almost any structure.

Metal roofs comes with some serious advantages over asphalt shingles. That's because metal roofs are:

  • Long-lasting: Lasting for 40 to 70 years with minimal maintenance
  • Durable: Withstanding winds up to 140 mph
  • Safe: Metal roofs won't spark or ignite in the event of a lightning strike or fire
  • Energy-efficient: Reflecting heat is valuable in our hot Texas climate
  • Environmentally friendly: Recyclable and contain up to 95% recycled materials

Start enjoying these benefits today by booking a metal roof installation.

Don't see what type of residential roof you have, contact us today! With over 60 plus years of experience, we know a thing or two about different types of roofing.

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