What sets Armored Roofing Co Inc apart from other companies?

We are locally owned and operated. All our owners were born and raised in the Texoma area and live here. Our only location is in Wichita Falls, TX and we have been around since 1955! You are always welcome to stop by our office at 4104 Iowa Park Road, Wichita Falls, TX 76305 and have a chat with any of our owners.

How do I know I can trust Armored Roofing Company to be here after the work is done?

We have been in Wichita Falls, TX since 1955 and in the same location since 1974. We have roots deep within the Wichita Falls community and are committed to helping our friends and families with all their roofing needs. We are not a fly by night business, and we do not storm chase. We are an experienced company with experienced employees and owners. We continue to strive to learn new details, processes, and the most efficient ways to provide our services to the Texoma area.

Don't believe us? Check in with some of the associations and businesses that we associate with...

What Licensing is required to perform Roofing work in Wichita Falls, TX?

The city of Wichita falls, tx, requires that each roofing contractor provide adequate insurance information to protect the homeowner. Each contractor also is required to be licensed with the city of Wichita falls and be able to pull permits within the city limits.

What States can you preform services in?

We are Registered in the State of Oklahoma as a residential and commercial contractor. Texas does not require state licensing; however we are licensed with Roofing Contractors Association of Texas, which is a voluntary licensing. It provides that we have the knowledge and experience necessary to complete roofing services in the State of Texas. We are also registered with all local city municipalities in the Texoma area.